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Slovak Limited company formation

A Limited Liability Company is the best way of business, in cases if you are in business with more partners, or if you are in business yourselves and you want to act professionally for your business partners and customers. A Limited Liability Company is the most common type of company.

Our company ensure formation of the Slovak limited company (s.r.o.) for your successful start up in business.

We will consult with you about your requirements for setting up a company, prepare all necessary documents for establishing a company and registrate your company on Business Register, Trade Register and the Tax Office to the payment of income tax.

Founded after the signing of the documents after the creation generally takes 10-14 working days.


Price for the Limited Company formation is € 429


In this price you will get full service, you will only come to sign prepared documents and we will do all other necessary operations.

Price for the establishment of the company includes the registration fee the Bussiness Register. If you choice to bring classical form to Business register yourselves, you only pay for this fee € 300!

Other expenses consist only of administrative fees for issuing trade licenses (€ 0 for every free trade license, 7.5€ for craft professions licences) and verification of signatures and attachments check fees (€ 15 for a company with one shareholder and director).

Our company provide:

1. We provide professional advice before, during and after the establishment of incorporation
2. verification of the uniqueness of your chosen business name
3. according to your requirements and our recommendations we prepare all documents necessary for the establishment of company
4. based on your power of attorney granted to provide exposure to commercial letters of the company, arrange registration of the Commercial Register
5. pay a court fee for registration of the company´s incorporation
6. register a company for paying income tax to tax authorities in case of interest on other taxes

Your additional costs will be:

* 0 EUR for every free activity for Trade Register, 7,5 EUR for each bound and Crafts activity

* Verification of signatures: 0,5 € per signature for Register, or at notary 2,5€.


Requirements for Slovak limited company (s.r.o.) formation:

The Basis capital is 5 000 EUR. The minimum capital of each shareholder is 750 EUR.

Director and shareholder of Slovak Company can also be a foreigner. Managing Director must be citizen of EU or OECD.

Shareholders can be citizen of any country.

Director can be people with entries in the criminal record but managing directors have to have pure extract from the criminal records from country of his permanent residents.

Each company must have its original trade name to carry out business activities that may not be confusingly similar to another trade name of another company. Whether there is a company with a similar name you find at as company name is entered in the Business Register.

To the company was founded, if the company is establishing more shareholders, the social contract be drawn up, or if the founder of only one person is necessary to make a founding deed.

Selection of course work / business is actually a document requested by the Office of the field of Commercial Activities. The request must be accompanied by a stamp whose value is determined according to whether they are applying for a business license or concession deed.

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