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Company formation in Slovakia

:: Slovak Limited Company Formation - € 429

We will consult with you your requirements for setting up a company, prepare all necessary documents and arrange for lodging Commercial Register, Trade Register and Tax Office .

Price for the establishment of includes the registration fee the Company Register , which is the classical administration.

:: Slovak Ready-Made company - from € 499

If you need to quickly start a business we offer for sale company which we have already established - Ready-made companies. Doing business in the name of the new company can own company in few hours.

These companies were based to resale, therefore have no assets and liabilities and up to now have exercised no activity.

:: Slovak Branch Office formation - € 680

Branch formation is usually an adequate vehicle for smaller projects in Slovakia. Formation and closure of the branch is much easier than in a separate company.

Main feature of Branch office is that parent company is fully liable for the branches liabilities.

:: Joint Stock Company Formation in Slovakia - € 880

Joint Stock Company is based on a minimum share capital of 25,000 Euro and it is the most prestigious type of company in Slovakia.

For these reasons, it is used for bigest projects. There must also be created Supervisory Board. Supervisory Board is statutory body monitoring how the Board of Directors.

:: Changes in companies

Based on the legal requirements for you will prepare a document for change in society and the Minutes of the General Assembly respectively.

Decision by a single shareholder, as well as other documents needed for notification of changes.

:: Registered Office in Slovakia

Registered office for your company in Bratislava at several different addresses.

Registered seat in Bratislava will provide a better image of the company.

Price from € 16 per month.

Our company will ensure the S.R.O. Company formation in Slovakia for your successful start up in business.
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