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Registered office in Slovakia

We provide Registered office based on rental service for you on one of our addresses in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia

Registered office in Slovakia is used primarily by commercial companies that for various reasons, are unwilling or unable to hire their own administrative areas. Ensure the establishment and operation of the headquarters company´s own premises in compliance with all legislative regulations.

Our services are mainly used by business entities with foreign owners. Option grant to obtain a registration office in Bratislava is also used increasingly by Slovak entrepreneurs who are not from Bratislava.

Registered office in Bratislava will provide a better image of the company. Our services include reception and safekeeping of mail.

Registered office in Slovakia:

- on Osadná street, Bratislave - from 14€ / month

- on Vyšehradskej street, Bratislave - from 16€ / month

- in complex Vienna gate, on Kopčianska street, Bratislave - from 21 / month

- on Konventná, Bratislave - from 21 / month

- on Klincová, Bratislave - from 21 / month

- in historical center of Bratislava on Michalska street, Bratislave - from 33 / month

Vyšehradská ulica Vienna Gate, Kopčianska Klincova Michalska

With providing the registered office you can order the additional services:

* Forwarding mail to your given address (correspondence in the European Union - € 10/month)
* Note the mail received by mail, phone or SMS - € 0.5 /1 SMS € 1 /1 Call

We also provide additional services:

Web and email services

Price for web hosting and e-mails are from € 9 per year. Depending on the size and number of email space you need.

FAX in Slovakia

The fax service will be allocated to traditional telephone customers in the Bratislava area code number 02 (can be also different preferences in Slovakia and other EU countries).

Price for receiving faxes is € 8 per month for an annual payment. So € 96 per year

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