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Ready Made companies in Slovakia

Companies for sale were formed exclusively for the purpose to be sold to a client, therefore, have no assets and liabilities not yet been exercised and any activity which is guaranteed by our company.

This service is intended for people who need to have a company ready in a very short period of time. Doing business in the name of the new company can be in a few a hours.

The owner of a new limited company, you will become immediately after signing the contract for the transfer of shares and the minutes of the meeting. At the same time you or your designated person becomes the new manager of the company. Now you are owner and you can act immediately. There is no need to wait for the registration of changes in the Bussiness Register - this entry has only declaratory (confirmation) effect.

Price for Ready Made company from  € 499


All our companies:

* Are entered into the Commercial Register and have assigned ID
* Have a trade license issued
* Are registered for income tax respectively. VAT (as required)
* Based solely for the purpose of sale
* Do not have any liabilities or claims
* Never been any activity
* The capital is repaid in full
* Is ready for immediate sale

Our Ready-made limited companies have the basic and most used business objects:

* Purchase of goods for sale to the final consumer (retail) or other business operators (wholesale)
* Middleman services
* Middleman trade
* Business, organizational and economic consultants
* Computer Services

We can change company business name, address and other details according to your wishes during the sale.


Actual List of Ready-Made companies:

Name: Date of Establishment: ID: VAT registration: Address: Price:
Maipo s.r.o.14.04.201548085111noKopčianska 10Booked (525€)
Viedma s.r.o.14.04.201548085065noKopčianska 10Booked (525€)
Tromen s.r.o.28.03.201548085944noKlincová 37Booked (525€)
Tanganika s.r.o.27.03.201548062413noKopčianska 10Booked (525€)
Malawi s.r.o.17.03.201548065111noKonventná 7Booked (525€)
Schundul Logistic s. r. o. 28.11.201447967731noIvánska cesta 10Sold
Aracar s.r.o.16.04.201548085090noKopčianska 10Sold
Tronador s.r.o.14.04.201548086096noKlincová 37Sold
Trocon s.r.o.28.03.201548084719noKlincová 37Sold
Ubangi s.r.o.13.03.201548062456noKopčianska 10Sold
Kivu s.r.o.10.03.201548061956noKlincová 37Sold
Okavango s.r.o.06.03.201548061808noKonventná 7Sold
Kasai s.r.o.28.02.201548061883noKlincová 37Sold
Kalahari s.r.o.21.02.201548025895noKonventná 7Sold
Lencois s.r.o.13.02.201548025968noKonventná 7Sold
Painted Desert s.r.o.10.02.201548025666noKonventná 7Sold
Taklamakan s.r.o.06.02.201548025704noKopčianska 10Sold
Yule s.r.o.31.01.201548010499noKopčianska 10Sold
Atacama s.r.o.27.01.201548025623noKopčianska 10Sold
Kex Company s.r.o.23.01.201548010502noKopčianska 10Sold


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